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Lady of the Lake is a BAMF

Oh she is. I wore Revlon Vixen (yup, the Pulp Fiction one) on V-day for my anniversary date but managed to smudge my thumb as I was rushing, so you’re not getting a pic of that. (It’s an awesome colour but a real hassle to remove. Sure it dissolves quickly in the acetone, but the pigment bleeds into your cuticles and stains.) But enough of that, because a certain package that I’d been hanging out for arrived by Royal Mail!

A-England‘s Lady of the Lake, Saint George, and Bridal Veil were posted free to me down here in NZ by the lovely Adina, and they are just as amazing as everyone says. All of her polishes are £9, which considering the quality and free international shipping (!!!) is a good deal.

(Click all to enlarge)

Rather than swatching the three all at once I decided I wanted to wear each one for a few days. Because I was craving some purple, first up is Lady of the Lake. This is a really mesmerizing purple holo. It has a beautiful smokiness, and a blueish tint, but it’s definitely purple rather than blurple. It’s elegant, because the holo is subtle — holo particles rather than an all-over intense holo. This shade just has so much depth, saturation and richness going on, I keep staring at my hands. And I’ve not been tempted to layer or do anything else to this polish — big for me, who can’t leave well alone. It is truly stunning and looks the same on the nail as it does in the bottle. My husband’s response was “Whoa…”

Lady of the Lake also applies like a dream. It is so easy to work with, could be opaque in only one coat (in more skilled hands than mine) and is perfect in two, dries super fast and evenly, and has such a beautiful high-quality satiny finish that I was tempted to leave off my top coat (I added it for longevity). I get the feeling that a-England polishes are going to be the best I’ve used, for a long long while. It might be my long-searched-for perfect purple. I really have nothing bad to report about Lady of the Lake. But on to the evidence. As usual, base coat of Orly Top 2 Bottom; 2 coats Lady of the Lake; top coat Orly Top 2 Bottom.

BAM! Check out that depth!

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Big Polish Haul

My new China Glaze polishes arrived the other day! I ordered from Head2Toe Beauty and I was really impressed with the speed of their shipping to New Zealand, which was around 6 days. I bought ten polishes and together with other products the total cost including shipping was US$61.84 — around $74.20. Considering to my knowledge we can’t get China Glaze products in NZ and OPI polishes retail for around $26, even $10 per bottle would be a deal. So I can recommend Head2Toe Beauty to locals. (Any pictures can be clicked to enlarge.)

Box of goodies. There were also many packing peanuts.

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