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Plum Attraction, Rainbow Connection

I was hanging out for my first major chips on my Artful Dodger mani so I could try something else. In light of this I’ve decided to keep it for toes only (where I like it on me, go figure) until I find something from my latest polish orders (arriving soon, hopefully) to layer it with.

Today I felt like some purple with something a bit extra thrown in, so I layered Revlon’s Plum Attraction with a gradated coating of OPI’s Rainbow Connection, from their recent Muppets series. I’ve got to say, I really like Revlon’s shimmer polishes. Not keen on their frosts, but I’m not the target market. I like their shimmer colours, I like that they don’t go the way of cringe-inducing or offensive names (cough OPI), and I like that usually said polish names have an actual link to the colour in the bottle. Plum Attraction – you know what you’re getting, basically. It is indeed the colour of a perfectly ripe satsuma plum, with pink and some red shimmer thrown in. I also generally like their formulas, though I could have stood to add a third thin layer rather than only two.

[Sunlight, shows gloss]

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