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High Maintenance

For this mani I wanted to highlight China Glaze High Maintenance, a gorgeous true blue-based red that I previously swatched in this post. The upsides to swatching on a plastic display circle are that I don’t have to use a truly headache-inducing amount of acetone in one sitting, and I can easily see what colours I have for future manicures (and I feel fancy like I’m having a salon experience). The downside is that sometimes a polish doesn’t look the same on the display circle as it does on the nail. This was the case with High Maintenance, but in a very good way.

Indirect sunlight, indoors. A tad darker in reality.

On the nail High Maintenance remains sanguineous and vampy goodness, but even more so. It is richer, really a blood red, and a bit darker than my camera wants to capture. The finish on the nail is also a little different, being somewhere between a creme and a jelly — juicy, intense and definitely blood-like. It’s such a gorgeous shade I was tempted to wear it by itself. One of my all-time favourite reds.

Taken with flash, and I've messed around with the light and contrast to try to show a more true-to-life blood-red colour.

But I can’t leave well alone so continuing with a bloody theme I added V-shaped french tips in another shade I love, Kleancolor Bite Me. Bite Me is a rich red glitter that flashes black. Being so full of micro and regular glitter it works great as a nail art polish, becoming opaque over another shade in one coat and by itself in two. This isn’t a red glitter than looks inappropriately Christmasy on the nail (Christmas begins and ends in December for me), and looks beautiful by itself. It’s not a very rough-finish glitter.

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Big Polish Haul

My new China Glaze polishes arrived the other day! I ordered from Head2Toe Beauty and I was really impressed with the speed of their shipping to New Zealand, which was around 6 days. I bought ten polishes and together with other products the total cost including shipping was US$61.84 — around $74.20. Considering to my knowledge we can’t get China Glaze products in NZ and OPI polishes retail for around $26, even $10 per bottle would be a deal. So I can recommend Head2Toe Beauty to locals. (Any pictures can be clicked to enlarge.)

Box of goodies. There were also many packing peanuts.

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