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Grey Glitter Gradient

Grey day, grey nails. I don’t usually go for a large amount of grey and NYX Girls Perfect Gray was supposed to be my base colour for a tape mani, but when I saw it on my nails I fell in love. As my husband said, it’s a really elegant shade. I had to jazz it up a bit though, with a glitter gradient using NYX Girls Spot Light. I did this with the polish brush, it’s easy enough without having to tear up makeup sponges for a true gradient mani (the brush technique is the same as used for doing ‘syrup nails’).

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Perfect Gray was opaque in three coats and the formula was extremely easy to work with.┬áIt’s a shade darker on the nail than in the bottle, a dove grey with a hint of blue. Like rain clouds. This is also the first mani I’ve done that’s needed absolutely no cleanup (my practice is paying off).

Spot Light is one of my favourite glitters. The sliver hexagonal and small square glitter pieces flash rainbow holo and are densely packed into a clear jelly base. The holo appears in all lighting conditions, it’s the same on the nail as in the bottle, and it’s really easy to apply. I dabbed a bit but needed no fishing — the brush is covered in an even mix of glitter with each dip. The glitter pieces sit smooth on the nail with very little effort. I almost can’t believe such a great glitter polish was so cheap (US$1.99). This manicure was finished up with two coats of Poshe.

Hex and baby square glitter. In shade.

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Muddy Pink Pig

I love pigs, I’m slightly obsessed with them. One day I will have a pet pig — maybe a kunekune like I used to play with when I was a rural kid — and will basically exist in a state of perpetual squee. So, I decided to do myself a pig-themed manicure and get some practice in with my dotting tools and free-handing.

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I made the mud splatters with various sizes of dotting tool (US$2.15 with free shipping for a pack of 5 from this ebay seller), the pig with a mix of dotting tools and fine-tipped brushes (US$2.84 pack of 15 mixed, ditto) and added the light blue holo hearts (US$1.49 for wheel of 12 colours, ditto) using an orange stick with a little base coat on it to make it sticky. I love the result!

For the ring fingers of both hands I used 2 coats of OPI Over The Taupe (a milk chocolate with a hint of grey), and on the rest of my nails 3 coats of NYX Girls Girly (a vibrant candy pink that can apply a bit sheer). The pig’s body is NYX Girls Sweetest Pink (a baby pink that builds to opaque) with OPI It’s All Greek to Me ears and nose (a vivid, hot fuchsia shimmer with a reddish tint). I dotted Orly White Out eyes, and Over The Taupe pupils and nose holes (and mud splatters).

On my left (dominant) hand, the pig's back-end.

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