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Cadbury Caramello Cuties

So, Easter nails. There are a lot about at the moment, and most seem to have some kind of spring theme. That’s understandable for the Northern Hemisphere where Easter comes from, with new growth, the return of the sun, and associated historical fertility rituals and what-have-you. Down here though, it is of course Autumn; we shouldn’t really be having any rebirth type celebration at this time of year at all. So in light of this, but still wanting to jump on some kind of bandwagon, I decided to go with a theme of delicious chocolate. My favourite Easter eggs are Cadbury Caramello Cuties, small chocolate eggs filled with caramel.  Can’t go wrong with chocolate. Unless you’re allergic to it. And that would be a tragedy.

Bright sunlight.

The base polishes I used were: China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires (sapphire blue with a silver shimmer), OPI Dear Santa (festive red with small red and gold glitter), OPI Rising Star (a bright, coppery metallic gold), a-England Lady of the Lake (medium purple with scattered holo). For the egg wrapper dots I used Kleancolor Pearl Silver (a slightly blackened metallic silver), and for the ‘Cadbury’ text Orly White Out. The chocolate shell of the partially unwrapped egg is China Glaze Foie Gras (a dark purpled brown) and OPI Over The Taupe (a dusty, greyed milk chocolate). Everything was finished up with two coats of Poshe top coat.

Unwrapped egg! Flash photo.

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Christian martyr nail polish

Next up from my a-England package is Saint George, a polish I was so excited for. This polish has quickly gained what is basically a cult following, and it’s the reason I made an a-England order in the first place. But, I’ve got to be honest, I might be the only polish lover on the internet who is just a tad underwhelmed by Saint George. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautiful, high quality polish and I’m happy I bought it, but I think because of the online reaction I was expecting a bit more. As with all a-England polishes, it was £9 with free international shipping.

In direct light it is amazing, full of vibrant, scattered holo particles that give it a beautiful depth and turn it into a shimmering, rainbow-speckled teal. The issue for me is that outside of direct lighting, it’s a bit flat. I was expecting more ‘wow’ more of the time. Admittedly if I was in a brighter environment this probably wouldn’t be an issue — workplace fluorescent lighting, or similar. But I work from home and our lighting isn’t super bright, and I try to keep out of the sun before 5pm (we have very little ozone layer = burn time of 5 minutes or less = highest rate of melanoma in the world). So Saint George isn’t super stunning on me. When it gets caught in direct lighting, BAM, but the rest of the time it shows as a dark green, slightly teal, micro glitter. Overall very nice, but I think my expectations might have been too high. If your day-to-day business tends to be in brighter surrounds, you’ll probably really love it.

In direct sunlight filtered through a window. Click all to enlarge.

Saint George was a bit more difficult to apply than Lady of the Lake — though still really easy as polishes go — with a thicker consistency. It dried quickly and had the same beautiful satiny finish. This could have been influenced by the weather, which was very humid and not so great for polish application. In fact I’m pretty sure the humidity here is responsible for almost all of my nail polish thinner usage. One big bonus is that Saint George is an elusive one-coater. I applied two to see if it would get richer, but it didn’t make a noticeable difference. For this reason I’ll probably keep this polish for nail designs until I find a way I really love wearing it. I used Orly Top 2 Bottom base coat, 2 coats of Saint George, and Orly Top 2 Bottom as a top coat.

In the spirit of the Saint George legend I decided to do a St George’s Cross accent nail (on an angle so it didn’t look like a square pattern) using OPI Dear Santa, a red glitter that flashes gold. I had to redo my accent nail three times before I was happy with it, so possibly I was just having a bad mani day and Saint George is taking the brunt of it. It’s not you, George, it’s me — etc. Maybe I could bathe in SPF 60+, sit outside and fully appreciate it.

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