Fishnets and Desserts

I wasn’t feeling well the other day so decided to do my nails to perk myself up. Turns out this was a bad idea, as I screwed up my first three manis (I’m stubborn…), got very grumpy, and had to do something quick as I’d run out of time. This is what resulted. It’s a freehand fishnet stocking design with black french tips, and fimo dessert nail art decals I bought on ebay. As yet I don’t have any stamping equipment so freehanding it is. While being far from my best work it was fun to wear, good practice, and I didn’t mind that it was a tad uneven; I just thought of the stockings as being slightly laddered. Maybe there was a fight to be first to the desserts. Er, not that I’d do that…

I used: base coat of Sally Hansen Double Duty, 3 coats NYX Girls Bella (a classic sheer ‘French manicure’ pink), China Glaze Liquid Leather for fishnet details and tips, Seche Vite top coat. Bella‘s brush is the standard small NYX Girls brush, but I don’t mind it. It’s no OPI pro wide — though you’re not paying OPI prices either — but it’s easy to handle and lets me be quite accurate as long as I work fairly fast (though I also don’t feel rushed by it).


Click all to enlarge. Outdoors, overcast light.

Shown holding NYX Girls Bella.

My favourite nail - the cupcake. Indoors, halogen light.

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