Big Polish Haul

My new China Glaze polishes arrived the other day! I ordered from Head2Toe Beauty and I was really impressed with the speed of their shipping to New Zealand, which was around 6 days. I bought ten polishes and together with other products the total cost including shipping was US$61.84 — around $74.20. Considering to my knowledge we can’t get China Glaze products in NZ and OPI polishes retail for around $26, even $10 per bottle would be a deal. So I can recommend Head2Toe Beauty to locals. (Any pictures can be clicked to enlarge.)

Box of goodies. There were also many packing peanuts.

L to R: swatching wheels, nail art line brushes, a pipette for filling my OPI Correct & Clean Up Refillable Corrector Pen, finger rest for theoretically making painting friends' nails easier.

Carefully packed for the trip to NZ, which I appreciate.

The lineup.

L to R:

Australian Alabaster — this creme is the only polish from my haul I’m not too keen on. It looked like it had more pink in it on swatches, and in the bottle. But I can use it as a base (see below).  A washed-out slightly pink-ish cream. Patchy.

Some Like it Haute — a sexy, steely, deeply pigmented dark grey glitter with micro and larger glitters that flash rainbow colours.

Skyscraper — a navy blue base with dense silver micro glitter that sometimes flashes purples and golds. Really pigmented and beautiful.

Bermuda Breakaway — this is a rich, deep indigo (blue with violet) creme. Similar to OPI Russian Navy sans shimmer. Delicious.

Sexy in the City — bright teal and aqua blue shimmer, slightly frosty. A mermaid colour. Reminds me a bit of OPI Catch Me in Your Net, which I love.

Holly-Day — released as a Christmas shade, a really versatile, cool-toned dark forest green creme.

Papaya Punch — sunny, warm orangey-yellow creme. Is the colour of ripe papaya, or mango juice.

Long Kiss — a blue-based burgundy red. This is a more vintage shade of red, 1940’s half-moon manicure style. Has a subtle gold/copper shimmer. Hard-to-find shade and tone.

High Maintenance — rich, bright, blue-based true red creme. Versatile colour and also a hard-to-find tone. Sanguineous and vampy.

Matte Magic top coat — does what it says on the label, an easy way to make glossy polishes matte. I prefer to buy regular polishes and add a top coat to alter them, so this is perfect. Gives twice the usage out of every polish. Dries super fast.

I also popped into Postie to have a rummage in their cheap beauty product bins. They sell Kleancolor polishes! Got Chunky Holo Candy (L) and Chunky Holo Purple (R), both designed for layering, at two for $8. Candy is a neon coral pink jelly base with holo that flashes orange, yellow and green. It’s a little disappointing on compared to how striking it looks in the bottle (shown in the circle) but will still be good for layering. Purple is a translucent purple jelly base and the holo gives off bright rainbow flashes, really stunning when layered. The Beautifully Delicious body butter was $7, and of all the expensive moisturisers and oils I’ve tried on my hands it works the best. It smells delicious and my cuticles love it.

Swatch wheel.

(I played around on the wheel with some polishes already in my stash too.)

1  Some Like it Haute, 3 coats (is opaque in 2).
2  Skyscraper, 3 coats (is opaque in 2).
3  half Bermuda Breakway, 3 coats. Half topped with 2 coats of Chunky Holo Purple.
4  Sexy in the City, 3 coats.
5  Holly-Day, 3 coats. Matte Magic top coat tip (not a fan).
6  Papaya Punch, 3 coats.
7  Long Kiss, 2 coats.
8  High Maintenance, 3 coats.
9  half Australian Alabaster, 3 coats. Half topped with 2 coats Chunky Holo Candy (less bright pink in person).
10  3 coats Bermuda Breakaway with top coat of Matte Magic (darker in person) and regular gloss top coat tip.
11  OPI Dear Santa (Holiday 2009 collection) glitter, 2 coats.
12  2 coats Butter London Artful Dodger with a coat of Some Like it Haute (not a fan).
13  2 coats Revlon Vixen with a coat of OPI Rainbow Connection.
14  Australian Alabaster as a base coat with 2 coats Color Club Jackie Oh! (a neon pink, brighter in person), and half with an additional 2 coats of Chunky Holo Candy.
15  Chunky Holo Purple by itself, 4 coats.
16  Chunky Holo Candy by itself, 4 coats.

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