Artful Dodger, Rising Star

Butter London’s Artful Dodger is a colour I may like more in the bottle than on me. It gets me plenty of compliments when I wear it — and I adore Butter London’s unusual and deeply pigmented range and chic bottles (though not their retail prices in NZ!) — but I still can’t decide whether I really like it on me. Possibly it’s not Artful Dodger’s fault, but that I wish I’d bought Blagger instead. I mean look at that colour!

But enough lustful coveting, poor Artful Dodger; it did catch my eye for a reason. From the company website: “This true teal is a show-stopper. High fashion and so unique, it’s the perfect way to wear this trend without over kill.” There’s a bit of grey and yellow in it. It’s slightly muted and dusty. Swatches I’ve seen in-store can come up a distinctly greyed blue, so I wonder whether there’s been a little shade variation.

I tried out my very first simple sellotape nail art, creating a deep V on each of my ring fingers using my mini bottle of OPI’s Rising Star from their 2010 Burlesque series. Rising Star is a beautiful rich coppery gold. What I’d call an old fashioned gold without being cold or tarnished like antique golds can be. And rarely for a metallic it isn’t streaky. It’s a bit full on though, so I prefer it as an accent rather than all over.

Orly Top 2 Bottom; 2 coats Artful Dodger; 1 coat Rising Star for the V; Orly Top 2 Bottom (I really love this all-in-one base and top coat, very glossy); cuticle oil. [Better photo acquired, taken in the shade]. My Artful Dodger is a bit gluggy though, it’s the only polish in my stash like this; application was a pain and there are still a few sheer patches. I didn’t want to go to three coats as it was already a slow dry. I’ve found this colour tends to wear well, despite me being rough on my nails.

Two final things. The first is that I confess I nipped my cuticles before oiling them. I’m usually a confirmed pusher and Melt Away user, but we went to Europe last month (yay!) and my hair and nails hated it. My cuticles went ratty, my nails flaked. So I couldn’t resist nipping to get all the debris off. I’ll be babying them until they recover. The second is that my bottle of Artful Dodger has a misspelled label. See?

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2 thoughts on “Artful Dodger, Rising Star

  1. I’ve been wanting to do some sellotape nail art since you hooked me up with all those damn pretty nail blogs! Clearly this is A Sign.

    • Definitely, they’re easy! I found I had the most success by putting the tape onto the back of my hand first, to take away a bit of the stick, then pressing down the tape edge you’re wanting to use as a guide as smooth as you can onto the nail. And removing the tape immediately after painting when your design is still wet.

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