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Bumblebee Nails

Some summery nails today. My husband says they remind him of the transformer Bumblebee (original not Michael Bay, he adds) so we’ll go with that. These are polishes I bought from BeautyJoint. I will get around to showing you swatches of what I bought but for now I can say that I was very pleased with my shopping experience.

The colours for this manicure were Kleancolor Concrete Gray and Pearl Silver, and NYX Girls My Sunshine. I found Concrete Gray and Pearl Silver to be a bit thick and difficult to neatly apply, the grey particularly so. I’ll be adding a few drops of polish thinner to both. The grey creme has a blueish tint and comes up distinctly dark grey as in the bottle, rather than drying to almost-black. The silver is a standard silver foil that can show brushstrokes if you’re not careful, and has a slightly blackened shine toward the sides of the nail. My Sunshine is a summery yellow creme that shows mustard in some lights, which I love. It has a thinner formula and is a 3 to 4 coater. Most yellows are at least slightly frustrating and patchy to apply so this isn’t anything particularly unusual, but it does mean that this won’t be a polish I use frequently.

Sunlight indoors. True to colour.

I am now the happy owner of a bottle of Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (also from BeautyJoint) so drying time was significantly shorter. It also seems to smooth out any small lumps. Seche Vite contains toluene which I know many people avoid, but it doesn’t bother me (though it does have a strong odor). It does what it says on the label and has a really glossy finish. Kleancolor polishes are also pretty foul-smelling in general, particularly the holos (the holos are headache material). They might smell like Beelzebub’s own arsehole but it fades as the polish dries, and I like Kleancolor‘s range.

Stats: base coat of Orly Top 2 Bottom, 3 coats My Sunshine (4 on thumbs), coat of Seche Vite before taping, coat of Concrete Gray, coat of Seche Vite before taping, coat of Pearl Silver, top coat of Seche Vite. I’m never the person to talk to about wear time as I change my nails every 3 to 4 days, but no chips so far.

Left (dominant) thumb.

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Happy ’80s Techno Nails

Today isn’t great but my nails are fantastic! I was going for an ’80s laser/dance/album cover in your face kind of look, and I’m happy with the result. They took me ages to do as I’d never done any tape manicure as complicate before (or with as much drying time between steps — I’m hanging out for my Seche Vite fast dry top coat in the mail). But I wasn’t doing anything else useful and later the Mister and I had our friend E around to shoot the breeze with.

The dominant colour is OPI Fly, from the Nicki Minaj collection, and it is gorgeous. I wanted it as soon as I saw it. This is my colour, everything about it I love and it makes me happy to wear it. This is the colour that I thought Butter London Artful Dodger was going to be by how it looked in the bottle. Fly is a smooth, highly pigmented, deep turquoise creme with a teal-green tint. On my nails without extensive taping I only needed two coats of it and it goes on easy. Damn I love this colour!

If you’re a local you might have noticed that Fly retails for between $25-$29. Ahahahahaha, yeah I’m not going to pay that for an OPI polish when Chanel polishes only cost a couple of NZ$ more overseas. I bought Fly from ebay. It cost me (NZ)$11.10 including (quite fast) shipping.

Taken with flash. Shows accurate colours for most lighting conditions.

Also included in this mani are Color Club Jackie Oh! (neon pink), China Glaze Papaya Punch, Orly White Out as a base for the coloured stripes (neons need a white base to show up as their in-bottle colour), and China Glaze Liquid Leather for the details (a really beautiful shiny black). As well as my usual Orly Top 2 Bottom for a base and top coat.

Blurry shot but shows the more teal colour Fly can get in dimmer light.

Thumb of left (dominant) hand.

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